Managing Our Land for Generations to Come

Over the course of centuries, larger, more-efficient farming has helped improve yields in commodity crops to feed a growing population, which has also boosted agricultural incomes. But at the same time, agriculture is faced with challenges, including degrading soil quality, fertilizer and pesticide run off, and the effects of climate change. These challenges require action today to protect land for future generations to use and to preserve biodiversity and natural resources.   

Practicing Water Stewardship

Ensuring that precious natural resources are around for generations is an essential part of the world we want to see tomorrow, and perhaps no resource is more precious than water. Water scarcity affects more than 40 percent of people globally, and that percentage is rising as the population grows. Agriculture uses the most water, which means to manage water sustainably, we must focus on what is grown in our value chains and how.

Chairman Stephen Badger Talks Leadership, Life, Lessons

Stewarding one of the biggest family-run companies in the world is no small task—especially when that company comes with a 106-year history. Chairman Stephen Badger and his fellow board members take this challenge seriously. Here, Badger discusses the challenges and rewards of his role and the future of the company.  

On shedding Mars’ “secretive” reputation: 

A Future for Every Farmer

After more than a century in business, we've learned a few things — namely that the most successful and sustainable business practices are those that mutually benefit everyone involved. As a global food business, we're dependent on smallholder farms. So it's our responsibility to ensure smallholder farmers who grow ingredients essential to Mars products are able to earn an income that allows them to support their farms, families and communities now and into the future.

Meet Ibtehal Fathy, Inclusion & Diversity Officer

Claim to fame: Ibtehal spent 14 years in Industrial Engineering and Plant Management for Mars Wrigley. She has the experience and understands exactly what it takes for #WomenInScience to succeed. She has also become an advocate for mentorship and helped pilot a successful program to support the development of women in leadership for our Asia-Australia, Middle East & Africa region.